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Due to the number of people who choose Willow Wren Training for their boat handling needs, our prices are kept at a reasonable level and yet the standard of our training is still one of the best in the country.

If you are looking Boat Handling training, then we have what you need:

RYA Inland Waterways Helmsman Two Day Course, (our boats or yours).
WWT Boat Handling Experience Day
RYA Inland Waterways Crew Course

Not sure what you need?

Decision 1: Do you want to come to us and use our training boat? Or do you want us to come to you and train you on your boat?

Carrying out the training on your boat has advantages including getting to know how your own boat handles. However, everything you learn on our training boat will be completely relevant.

If there are two or three delegates then the cost per person is the same whichever you choose, but there may be a small charge for travelling costs if you are based a long way away from us.

Decision 2: Do you want just one day of training or two?

The One Day WWT Experience course uses the same high quality instruction as the Two Day RYA Inland Waterways Handling Course but on the two day course there is more time for you to perfect your skills and to get you to a stage where you no longer need much guidance from the instructor.

Most insurance companies have a condition that the steerer must be "competent" and the one day course will satisfy that need. However, many insurance companies offer discount if you have a more formal RYA certificate.

Decision 3: If your role is simply helping another helmsman to steer the boat then the One Day RYA Crew Course may be enough. The course concentrates on crewing duties such as using locks but also includes basic skills for steering a narrowboat.

See the table below to make your choice or just call us on 07970 770565.

RYA IW Helmsman's Course, Two Day

Are you a beginner or a more experienced person who wants to learn more and you need the formal RYA Certification?

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RYA IW Helmsman's Course, Own Boat, Two Day

Do you need the above training but on board your own boat at your location?

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RYA Crew Course

Are you the person who only needs to steer the boat occasionally and is called upon to assist at locks and when mooring.

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WWT Boat Handling Experience Day

Do you want top quality boat handling training but don't need the formal RYA certificate?

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WWT Boat Handling Experience Day, Own Boat

Do you need the above training but on board your own boat at your location?

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Still undecided? Call us on 07970 770565 and we will find the right course for you.

TBoat Springing Offhe RYA Inland Waterways Handbook is supplied free of charge with all boat handling and crew courses and is yours to take away to consolidate your new found boating skills.

All our Boat Handling Courses are hands-on practical courses with a minimum of theory which is covered mostly on the move. It is not only an opportunity to learn new skills but it is also a very enjoyable day out on the waterways!

Briefing delegatesOur training routes takes in some beautiful Warwickshire countryside and comprises just three locks. Three is ideal as it is enough for one lock per delegate and it allows us to spend more time on boat handling rather than spending all day locking.

The training covers Deck Work, (knots etc), Boat Handling including reversing, Personal and Boat Safety, Engine Care, Locks, Bridges, Avoiding Collisions and care for the environment.

The RYA Helmsman Courses are commercially recognised and successful delegates must reach a satisfactory standard before they can be issued with the certificate. If you prefer not to have this responsibility then choose the RYA Inland Waterways Crew Course or the WWT Boat Handling Experience Course.

All courses are delivered by fully qualified RYA Instructors and MCA Boatmasters for the MCA Boatmaster Bespoke Training.

All courses include the following:

Engine checks and starting.
Leaving a mooring.
Collision avoidance.
Meeting and passing boats.
Arriving at a mooring.
Knots and hitches.
Safety, including man over board.

We also discuss waterway features that physically can't be included on the course. E.g. lift and swing bridges, river operation, tunnels and we answer any questions that you may have about anything related to boating.