Logs and Firewood


Please call 07472 739641 for log sales. We open on weekdays between 9.00 and 4.30. If you need to call outside of these times then please leave a message with a contact number and the best time to call you back.

Christmas 2018: We will be closed for log deliveries from 5.00pm Wednesday 19th December so last orders will be taken before 12.00 noon on the 19th. We will reopen at 9.00am on Monday 7th January.

Because of all the ground clearance over the years we now have a stock of high quality, well seasoned, air dried, (not kiln dried), logs for sale by the bulk bag, (0.9mx0.9mx0.9m, 0.73CuM), at £60 inc VAT. If you want to keep the bag then we will have to charge you an extra £5. When you have subsequent deliveries we will swap your bag with the new logs without additional charge. The bag is vented so the logs will continue to air dry but that isn't necessary as our logs are ready to burn. Pay by credit/debit card over the phone or pay cash on delivery.

The logs are high quality mixed hardwood and nominally less than 18% moisture content which is ideal for burning. We do a sample check for moisture content with every load but cannot check every individual log. We sell logs by volume rather than by weight because seasoned logs are lighter. Unseasoned, (green), logs weigh more because of the moisture content but don't burn very well and can damage your stove or chimney. Check your stove warranty for details.

We deliver free of charge, (minimum order of one bulk log bag), within a 5 mile radius of Stockton which includes the villages/towns of:

Southam, Dunchurch, Grandborough, Flecknoe, Shuckborough, Napton, Ladbroke, Ufton, Bascote Heath, Bascote, Long Itchington, Marton, Princethorpe, Birdingbury, Leamington Hastings, Draycote and Broadwell.

We also stock dried kindling.


Large kindling Net, (3Kg): £5.00

Delivery is to the roadside or drive nearest to your property. We deliver using a pick up vehicle and lifting crane so reasonable lifts over small obstacles are possible. Moving the logs a further onto your property can be arranged with the driver at an additional cost of £10.

For more information about use of wood as fuel see: Guide to Wood and Multifuel and the Forestry Commission Guide