Nelson's Wharf

Nelsons Wharf 2014

  • Home of Willow Wren Training
  • Countryside Moorings
  • Central to the canal network just south of Rugby in Warwickshire
  • Self contained accommodation for Willow Wren Training customers and friends and family of moorers is being built over the autumn and winter of 2017.

Nelson's Wharf is the home of Willow Wren Training. The wharf comprises a built for purpose training centre on-line mooring for our three training narrowboats and a private canal basin for long and short term mooring.

Since acquiring the land in 2013 we have been busy clearing invasive scrub, repairing the canal bank to moor the Willow Wren Training narrowboats and building an environmentally friendly training centre.

This is how it looked before....

The Wharf before we started

In late 2015, work began to restore the remainder of the canal arm and to create moorings for several boats. This work is now complete and the arm is open for moorings.

Nelson's Wharf

The wharf is part of a 40 acre estate which used to be the site of the Nelson's Cement Works and quarries which up until the late 1940's produced high quality cement and lime based products. It fell into dereliction until most of the site was demolished in the 1960's. See Nelson's Heritage for more information about the history.

The canal was used to bring in coal to power steam engines and electricity generators and to transport finished goods from the site with their own fleet of steam powered motors and unpowered butties. Later, they also used the L&NWR railway which ran through the works and also had a fleet or lorries.

Although the remains of structures still exist in places the site has largely reverted to countryside and now also has a Site of Special Scientific Interest, (SSSI). The area is noted for rare butterflies, (such as the Small Blue), and many orchids.

Our intentions over the next few years will be to enhance the SSSI under the guidance of the Warwickshire Wildlife Trust and Butterfly Conservation and to manage the extensive woodlands on the estate which in previous years has been allowed to overgrow out of control. See Nelson's Ecology for more information.